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Directed by Ava DuVernay. This list of movies like ‘Friday the 13th’ more that often follows a group of teens being stalked by a masked serial killer. Movie Like 11 Best Movies Like Friday The 13Th. 0/439 likes in common. If you like Friday The 13th (2009) you might like similar movies ... Log In More to explore. The closer two names are, the greater the probability the two movies are similar. An overview of other Films like Friday the 13th Part 2. 593 Tastepoints. ... 17 Best Movies Like Get Hard. The Mutilator (1984) 3. Some movies like Friday the 13th: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), Scream (1996), My Bloody Valentine (1981), Halloween (1978), The Last House on the Left (2009). And if there's one movie that's generated more copycats than any other, it's Friday the 13th. Follow Active people Samantha D'Shay @dshay2390.

A Bay of Blood (1971) 2. The matching attributes are highlighted in bold. Read the Friday the 13th movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on Movie-Map Friday The 13th If you are looking for movies like Friday The 13th these could be interesting candidates. Movies Like Friday the 13th Part III Here we've given an array of top films which we think are similar to Friday the 13th Part III. The Other Guys (2010) 2. We figured that when searching for other films similar to Friday the 13th Part III you might be looking for other horror or thriller movies or perhaps those starring Dana Kimmell. Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) 4. ‘Friday the 13th’ is the 80s slasher horror which kick-started a long running franchise, introducing us to iconic masked killer Jason Voorhees. An in-depth look at the prison system in the United States and how it …

Flavorazor recommends similar Horror & Thriller Films & Series to watch if you liked Friday the 13th Part 2, such as Friday the 13th Part III, Sleepaway Camp, Friday the 13th, The Burning, Madman & more.

We figured that when looking for other films like Friday the 13th you could be searching for other horror movies or perhaps those starring Derek Mears. "Although movies like A Bay of Blood and Halloween (1978) came first, the term "slasher" didn't enter the horror vernacular until Friday the 13th. Movies In the list below we've found similar top rated movies that include keyphrases such as teenager, high school and murder. Cariza Viana 14 May 2020 • 1 min read 1. ... People who dislike Friday The 13th (2009) (Movie) Adam Scott @adam-scott. With Melina Abdullah, Michelle Alexander, Cory Booker, Dolores Canales. Originally released in May of 1980, “Friday the 13th” captured audiences’ imaginations and permeated our collective psyche. 1. My profile. The newly revived killer once again seeks revenge, and Tommy may be the only one who can defeat him. Tommy Jarvis goes to the graveyard to get rid of Jason Voorhees' body once and for all, but inadvertently brings him back to life instead. Prom Night (1980) 5.