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Tags. Pendant que Fairy Tail combat les ennemis, Sting se morfond encore une fois, car il est un minable et qu'il n'a rien pu faire, même s'il est le maître de la guilde.

Name: Sting Eucliffe Sting Eucliffe | One Piece and Fairy Tail Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia Sting Eucliffe (スティング・ユークリフ Sutingu Yūkurifu) is the current Guild Master of Sabertooth, the former strongest Guild in Fiore, and a member of its team, the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth.

His ability to transform into a full-grown dragon grants him enough power to devastate most of the world’s strongest mages. Of course you volunteered to help him, but Sting always refused because he didn’t want to burden you. Sting Eucliffe is a Third Generation White Dragon Slayer, and the current Guild Master of the Sabertooth Guild, wherein he is a member of the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth. "Let's show these idiots what I'm made of!"

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Acnologia is the most overwhelmingly powerful character in the Fairy Tail series, his strength has been enough to make even dragons fearful of him. Yet after Tartaros, Fairy Tail and Sabertooth weren't ready to be tasked with locating and recovering seven missing high profiled mages who had gone missing under suspicious activity, including their own celestial mage and dragon slayer- Lucy Heartfilia and Sting Eucliffe. Sting is a slim, yet muscular, toned young man of average height with spiky blond hair, which is kept in strands jutting outwards in every direction, and a smaller, frontal cowlick (or tuft) of hair partially hanging over his forehead. Thank you. A Fairy Tail fanfiction. 650 Stories.

This pair is also known as Stingue. StingRo (スティングロ SutingRō) is a fanon pair between Sabertooth Guild Master, Sting Eucliffe and Sabertooth Mage, Rogue Cheney. A prisoner released to join the infamous and most powerful guild: Sabertooth. Originally a dragon slayer from four hundred years past, Sting was sent to the future to … Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Rogue Cheney/Sting Eucliffe; Rogue Cheney; Sting Eucliffe; Gajeel Redfox; Totomaru (Fairy Tail) Juvia Lockser … I own my own characters and ideas. Alternate Universe - Modern Setting; Blood and Violence; Love; Lust ; Gay Sex; Family Feels; … Couples This page is dedicated to the different pairings or ships of Fairy Tail. C'est là que Yukino arrive, au bord des larmes, et le gifle, ce qui le surprend.

17-apr-2017 - Rogue Sting Frosh Lector #FairyTail #Anime #HiroMashima. All rights go to Fairy Tail's creator, Hiro Mashima. Sting absorbs Rogue's power and overwhelms Larcade with white and shadow magic. Fairy Tail: A Fairy's Wing Replace... by Paradise. His non-Rooster Teeth credits include the animated shows Fairy Tail, as Sting Eucliffe, and World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman, as Gen. On October 1, 2016, Jones announced via Twitter that he will be playing Dogra in One Piece. . Thank you. Il s'excuse alors au près d'elle car cela a dû lui faire mal, mais … Fairy Tail (129) One Piece (1) Include Characters Natsu Dragneel (124) Sting Eucliffe (121) Rogue Cheney (79) Gray Fullbuster (75) Lucy Heartfilia (26) Gajeel Redfox (21) Erza Scarlet (19) Happy (Fairy Tail) (17) Levy McGarden (15) Wendy Marvell (13) Include Relationships Natsu Dragneel/Sting …

Elle lui dit alors qu'en tant que maître de guilde, il devrait plutôt encourager tout le monde à des moments pareils. He waited 7 years. Sort by: Hot. May 24, 2017 - There's nothing more painful than losing yourself .

365 weeks, 2555 days, 61320 hours, to see her again. A third and final series premiered on October 7, 2018. And you had the suspicion that at Fairy Tail other people took care of the paperwork for Makarov, since he were rarely sober.