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Here are 15 unique names that celebrate those stunning, shiny black coats. I like Colby for black cats, like a little lump of coal. Reese – as in peanut butter cup. Again, you can think of the names of gems or semi-precious stones to use as her name. Nuts.
A unique, customized cat name. The third contains names inspired by everyday things. Roux (pronounced Roo) – Making a roux is the first step in making a pot of Gumbo.

However, using current genetic testing, it is believed that almost none remain in the gene pool.. You’ll find one! Ember – Ember is the color of a glowing hot coal, which could kind of sum up some of the tabby colorings. Naming your cat is an important job. #1 – Raven. Stoney – We love this sweet name for a grayish-colored cat.

Tell us or let us know the name of your black cat in the comments! A number of iconic black cats have been in TV, movies and even the White House. The Havana Brown was the result of a planned breeding between Siamese and domestic black cats, by a group of cat fanciers in England, in the 1950s. The only thing more difficult than naming your first-born child is deciding on a name for your pet. We recommend you take your cat's personality into consideration and choose a name that's easy to pronounce and learn, even if the names of black … Here you will find the most comprehensive list of the best black cat names. Check out the links associated with any of those words and your get our list! Or are you looking for a name your cat based on his hair coat color or type such as he is white, brown, orange or red, grey, black and white, tabby,yellow, calico or a fluffy cat. Good black cat names can be as mysterious as the look of the felines they're bestowed upon, or as comical as they act. Don't worry if your cat isn't exactly the darkest shade of black possible—the … It is a mutation of the black coat color gene, and the only breed that can be called 'true chocolate' is the breed, Havana Brown. By Cat Names City|August 4, 2018- 1:35 pm|October 1, 2018Color, Pattern, Coat & Breed. The color of a black cat can vary slightly, ranging from pure black to grey, with brown and "speckled" patterns. A popular name for girls with black hair, it’s a great name for cat with sleek black fur. Let's face it! Cinnamon – Great for cats with a reddish hue. You stir flour & oil over heat until it’s a nice dark brown color. Translate black into another language and voila! Looking for brown dog names?

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