beautiful dua for someone special

This dua for marriage has powers to speed up the long-awaited marriage process and shift things in your favor. see it for urself? Quranic Surah For Marriage In The Quran. 22:08. Shatina 172,730 views. Beautiful Dua for Someone Special. Re: Beautiful Dua'a in English! The time Allah wants to make everyone happy. Recite this beautiful dua for someone special 300 times for 13 days and Inshallah you will be able to witness the magical results on your own. So you have to do this dua for your special person in your life. Dua To Change Husband's Heart - Dua To Make Husband Listen. 1 . shukran brother...for that post...wid arabic translation...mashalah! A beautiful dua for someone special, but for someone special is the favorite prayer of nearly all of the Muslim men & women.So that’s why this is known as someone special dua for your world. Dua For Marrying Someone You Love - Beautiful Dua for Someone Special. Ahmed Sulieman Beautiful Dua - Duration: 22:08. Wazifa For Getting Love Back - Powerful Wazifa For Love Get Back. All i hope is for my mums happiness.Shes my light.Shes my dunya.Her tears are my weakness.Her sadness breaks my heart.She is my mirror.A mirror that keeps me alive.Without her am nothing.shes my saaya.How can i leave her.I pray to Allah(swt) to keep me with her forever inshAllah.