Hawker Fury cockpit

58. magnum33. What a beautiful kit - but little about interior painting suggestions. 58. magnum33. The Hawker Sea Fury is a British fighter aircraft designed and manufactured by Hawker Aircraft.It was the last propeller-driven fighter to serve with the Royal Navy, and one of the fastest production single reciprocating engine aircraft ever built.

Here is the Hawker Sea Fury Modeler's Online Reference which provides the modeler with a one-stop resource for photo references, kit reviews, and available aftermarket options in all of the popular scales. Does anyone know the proper colors for the cockpit area and wheel wells? The Hawker Fury and Sea Fury are monoplanes designed and built by Hawker Aircraft in the 1940s which should not be confused with the Hawker Fury biplane design of the 1930s. Post Sep 29, 2006 #1 2006-09-29T02:06. In late 1942, Hawker designer Sydney Camm proposed a lighter version of the Tempest fighter, for which Specification F.2/43 was issued in May 1943. Black and Interior Grey-Green respectively. Sea Fury Cockpit/Interior Colors. MichiganPete. MichiganPete. 12K. I just received my Fisher Sea Fury. 12K.