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As the largest business information provider in the world, we think it is important to provide you with the most up to date information available. As you are our valued customer, we are committed to ensuring that this is relevant to you, your industry and your interests. To that end, following is our policy, which we will strictly adhere to:

We Will Not:

  • Send you information via email, unless we have your explicit permission to do so
  • Release, sell or give your information to any other organisation without your explicit permission to do so
  • Continue to send you information via email once you have asked us not to via the "de-registration procedure"

We Will:

  • Send you news, updates and reports on areas that you have identified as of interest to you
  • Send you information about our own products and services which match the needs and requirements which you have identified
  • Allow other organisations to send you information about products and services which match the needs and requirements which you have identified 
  • Update our records should your requirements change and ensure that the subsequent information you receive reflects this
  • Provide you with an easy to use de-registration procedure, to let us know if you don't need this information any more
  • Attempt to keep the messages as brief and concise as possible in order to save download time


We use a number of cookie types on our website. If you wish to learn more about cookies please visit www.allaboutcookies.org. We use cookies mainly for tracking movements around our website and for other tasks such as recognising you when you return. We do not use cookies to transmit your personal data to any third party.

Currently we operate an ‘implied consent’ policy which assumes you are happy with our use of cookies. If not, please either do not use our site, delete our cookies after your session or browse the site using your web browsers anonymous setting (called “Incognito” in Chrome, “InPrivate” for Internet Explorer, “Private Browsing” in Firefox and Safari).

Cookies we use

Cookie Name Encrytpted Temporary/ Permanent First/Third Party Description
TextOnlySite No T 1st Required to create a text only version of the site, especially used for blind website readers
MobileVersion No T 1st Set when visiting the site from a mobile. Used to remember if user wants normal version instead
OTISTrailID No T 1st Used for internal tracking and site usage statistics
LastVisited No P 1st Used for date of last visit so we can present latest information as New
Section No T 1st Used to remember what section of the website user is in, for navigational purposes
Cook_imgRated No P 1st Used for voting purposes on image galleries
PollsVoted, xclient_pollsVoted No T 1st Used for voting purposes in polls
VisitorLoggedIn Yes T/P (remember me option) 1st Used to log into the website for diary, notes etc etc. Encrypted for security purposes
EzoneLoggedIn Yes T/P (remember me option) 1st Used to log in to the website to update company information. Encrypted for security purposes
Incap_visid_, Yes P 1st Used to remember visitor across the virtual firewall/CDN
Incap_ses Yes T 1st Used to remember visitor session across the virtual firewall/CDN
TTSCode No T 1st Used to track source of visitor for buried parts of website
Optional Services Encrypted? Temporary/ Permanent First/Third Party Delete as appropriate
ASP EMS Service SubscriberID, EMSRecievedID No T     1st Used for email tracking and open rates.
Google Analytics (_UTM?) No Varies 1st Used by Google to track site usage not personal data
Omniture (s_cc, s_sq) No T 1st Omniture website usage statistics


E-mail Addresses

This site recognises the home servers of visitors, but not their e-mail addresses. Individually identifiable e-mail addresses are not captured or stored unless they are provided. Persons who communicate with Vitafoods Asia, and supply us with an e-mail address may receive future communications by e-mail or telephone. 

Persons who do not wish to receive e-mail messages may contact the Vitafoods Asia team and ask to be removed; to do so, send an e-mail to vitafoods@informa.com and specify your name, company name and e-mail address. As such, Vitafoods Asia supports the customer’s right to opt out. Persons who request information about Vitafoods Asia and who supply us with their name and address will be added to our database to receive the requested information.


ASP provides and host this website for Informa.  ASP is registered with the UK Data Commissioner as Data Controllers and hold all the data within the UK.

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